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Meet the Administration Team!
Wildwillow Enterprises Inc. provides Municipal Administration Services with a strong focus on striving for sustainable and viable communities through positive,

progressive service and solid municipal governance.
The team itself currently consists of seven team members who have several combined years of experience in the administration of Local Municipal Government.  Below is a brief introduction of the Wildwillow team.

Wendy leads the team with over 30 years of Municipal Administration experience behind her.  Wendy is currently the Chief Administrative Officer for the Summer Villages of Sunrise Beach, Silver Sands, South View, West Cove, Birch Cove and Castle Island.  

email:  wendy@wildwillowenterprises.com

Tori has been a team member since 2016.   Tori is currently the Safety Codes Administrator, Integrity Commissioner and Administrative Assistant for the Summer Village of Sunrise Beach, Nakamun Park & the WILD Water Commission.  Tori also assists with various projects for all of the municipalities.

email:   tori@wildwillowenterprises.com

Diane joined our team in 2020.  Diane comes to us with an extensive background working in local government.   Diane currently works as the administrative assistant for the Summer Villages of West Cove, Birch Cove & Castle Island.

email:   svwestcove@outlook.com

Shelley joined the Wildwillow team in 2023.  Shelley is the Financial Officer for the Summer Villages of West Cove, Sunrise Beach, 

Birch Cove & Castle Island and the Village of Empress.

email:   reception@wildwillowenterprises.com

Heather brings 26 years of Municipal Administration experience with her to the team.  Heather is currently the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for the Summer Village of Silver Sands.  Heather is the Grant Funding Coordinator for all of the Municipalities and the financial officer for the WILD Water Commission, Tri-Village Regional Sewer Services Commission, Silver Sands, South View and Nakamun Park.

‚Äčemail:   administration@wildwillowenterprises.com

Angela is our newest team member, joining us in July of 2023.  Angela served 10 years on Council for the Village of Alberta Beach, ending her time there as Mayor; she was also on the Board and Executive for Alberta Municipalities from 2018-2023 as Vice President, Villages and Summer Villages and Director, Villages West.  Angela is currently the Chief Administrative Officer for the Tri Village Regional Sewer Services Commission and the Assistant CAO for the Summer Village of South View and the CAO for the Village of Empress.
angela@wildwillowenterprises.com / svsouthview@outlook.com /cao@villageofempress.ca